Organ Transplantation Center

     Organ donation is the organ and tissue of a person who is alive or dying, allowing them to be used for the treatment of other patients. Organ transplants are called organ transplantation in order to treat the patient by placing a new, healthy organ taken from living or dead, instead of patient organs being damaged due to diseases that cannot be treated.

     When a person has been allowed to use his organs and tissues for the patients who need it after his or her life has ended, or if his or her consent has been given after his medical life has ended, his organs and tissues may be donated. This process is organ donation from dead (cadaver). When a person is alive, he can donate a kidney or part of his liver to a patient in need. This is also a live organ donation.


     Liver transplantation practices have been started since 1967 and better results are obtained every year.Turkey's first liver transplant surgery of Dr. Haberal and his team carried out on 8 December 1988.

     In 1988, the implementation of a partial liver transplant from a living donor in the world began and after 1.5 years in Turkey for the first time on the part of his mother's liver in March 1990 pediatric patients Dr. Haberal and his team were transferred. patients were also expected to receive partial liver transplantation among the relatives. There was hope for patients waiting for liver transplantation. One month later, the same team performed this operation in an adult patient. For the first time in the world, a partial liver and kidney transplantation was performed in 1992 from a patient who had liver and kidney failure. Dr. Haberal and his team, this operation took place in the world literature as a first, then began to be made in similar countries in various countries of the world.


     The Center for Liver Transplantation of Sakarya University Education and Research Hospital serves under the direction of Prof.Dr.Metin ERCAN. Our team has experience for many years. In November 2015, we started to operate as a liver transplant center with our experienced team and in February 2016 we carried out our first liver transplantation in our hospital and we are still continuing successfully.

Transplant Team:

Metin Ercan M.D. Professor. Transplant Surgeon.
Kerem Karaman M.D. Assoc. Professor. GI Surgeon
Aydin Seref Köksal M.D. Professor, Hepatologist
Mihriban Nacar, Team coordinator