Our hospital's Cardiology Clinic has been providing service for 24 hours emergency service, coronary intensive care unit and inpatient services since 2008. 4 Cardiology outpatient clinic services are provided daily. In addition, echocardiography (transthoracic, transesophageal and 3-dimensional echocardiography), ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (Tension Holter) and event recorder (event recorder) with methods such as cardiovascular diseases are made to diagnose.

     The Central Campus has 20-bed coronary intensive care unit, 39-bed cardiology service and 6-bed angiography follow-up unit. In Korucuk Campus, polyclinic, echocardiography and consultation services are provided.

     There are 2 catheterization and hemodynamics laboratory where 2 angiography devices are located on our central campus. There are approximately 5600 operations per year in the catheter laboratory (angiography, wig coronary intervention, chronic fully occluded vessels opening, peripheral vascular interventions, right-left heart catheterization, temporarypermanent pacemaker placement, ICD-CRT procedures, electrophysiology, IVUS-FFR procedures, mitral -pulmonary valvuloplasty procedures, percutaneous aortic valve replacement, ASD-PDA - VSD closure, septal ablation). 24/7 continuous angiography service is provided on the central campus and emergency treatment of patients with heart attack or arrhythmia is made.

Cardiology Team

Ramazan Akdemir, M.D. Professor
Hüseyin Gündüz M.D. Professor Harun Kılıc M.D. Professor
Mehmet Akif Cakar M.D. Assoc. Professor
Mehmet Bülent Vatan M.D. Assoc. Professor