International Cancer Clinic
24 Ağustos 2022

Currently cancer has become a common disease which one person per three may suffer from it in their lifespan. Most common types of cancer are breast and endometrial cancer in women and lung and prostate cancer in men. Even if the statistics have high mortality rates many of them can be prevented and cured by early diagnosis and preventive measures. Eventually cancer is a preventable and curable disease with early diagnosis. You need not to be afraid of cancer but to be late therefore you should find it before it finds you.

Since 2014 oncology team treating thousands of patients at Sakarya University School of Medicine. Chemotherapy and all required procedures are performed by highly qualified medical doctors and oncology nurses trained to handle psychological and physical requirements of cancer patients. Cancer patients are also monitored by a team of doctors and oncology nurses outside the hospital. We provide chemotherapy service at the Oncology and Chemotherapy unit of Sakarya University Teaching and Education Hospital’s Korucuk Campus.

More than new 1500 patients diagnosed cancer and treated with all types of therapies including Chemotherapy, Targeted therapies, Immnotherapies and palliative approaches.

Our Medical Oncology Department, in cooperation with the departments of General Surgery, Gastrointestinal cancer specified, Breast Cancer specified, Hepatobiliary specified surgeons as well as oncologic radiologist, radiation oncologist and nuclear medicine team to treat our patients with a multidisciplinary approach.

Medical Oncology team has 3 expert medical oncologists,

İlhan Hacıbekiroglu, M.D.,Assoc. Professor.
Specialist Doctor